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the kids

September 2008



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Sep. 17th, 2008

the kids

So can I just say...

So this is my first week so far of only working part time, and can I just say I LOVE IT?? I love being able to spend more time with Keegan during the day and do more SAHM things. So far, we've gone to the parks in the area, played in the yard, played in the house, gone to the library and just plain had fun!!! I can also do more housework and actually make a good home, rather than feeling like I'm living in a pigsty all time.

The time goes by WAYY too quickly, but Keegan already seems a heck of a lot happier with me being home more. And it seems to be doing wonders for his sleep schedule; the last 2 nights when I've gotten home, he and Daddy have both been asleep. I used to work until 7, and then we would eat when I got home so some nights he wasn't in bed until 11 (although it was usually 10 PM), but now he's going to bed a lot earlier and staying in bed still till about 7 AM or so.


The con to this schedule is that I don't get to eat dinner with him, and I have to drive a half hour to and from work. Tonight I stopped to get some groceries (and picked up art supplies, including finger paints and playdough!), so I didn't get home till 9. The other con is I don't get to bed nearly as early as I used to. So, my days are longer, but I don't feel as unproductive as I used to.


So, yeah, just wanted to share.

Aug. 13th, 2008

the kids

So, if God is answering my prayers...

Why am I so terrified? On Monday, I put in a formal request at work to return to part time employment. We are moving and will have more money at our disposal with Tsi's job now, and the kids really need me at home. This is what I've wanted, to be able to stay home at least part of the time. So why am I so scared? I guess I know why; letting go of control is terrifying. So many wonderful things have happened in my life; we have a car without a car payment so we can get the other cars paid off sooner, we are moving to Bennington to Tsi's childhood home and acquiring that house from his mother, Tsion has a full-time, decent paying job with benefits...and yet, I'm terrified. I so hate releasing control, and I'm so afraid something awful is going to happen and that we made the wrong decision. I'm not sure what to do at this point...I could use prayers or some words of wisdom, if anyone has any to spare...

Jul. 17th, 2008

the kids

It's funny...

Y'know, I think my "friends" on the Exwitch forums liked me better when I was a Pagan. But I guess it doesn't feel as good when someone is evangelizing YOU. :) Plus, I don't think they know what to do with a Catholic who knows the Scriptures.

I find it absolutely hilarious that the Church Tradition that does not claim to go by the Bible alone is the One Tradition that can best defend it's faith from the Bible. :)

Jul. 9th, 2008

the kids

A new beginning

Hi everyone,

It's been about 6 months since I've posted on Livejournal at all. I decided to start a new one, and this is where I'll be from now on. I can't guarantee I'll post often, but I hope it'll be more than I have in the last few months.

Welcome to my little space on the web!