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the kids

September 2008

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the kids

So can I just say...

So this is my first week so far of only working part time, and can I just say I LOVE IT?? I love being able to spend more time with Keegan during the day and do more SAHM things. So far, we've gone to the parks in the area, played in the yard, played in the house, gone to the library and just plain had fun!!! I can also do more housework and actually make a good home, rather than feeling like I'm living in a pigsty all time.

The time goes by WAYY too quickly, but Keegan already seems a heck of a lot happier with me being home more. And it seems to be doing wonders for his sleep schedule; the last 2 nights when I've gotten home, he and Daddy have both been asleep. I used to work until 7, and then we would eat when I got home so some nights he wasn't in bed until 11 (although it was usually 10 PM), but now he's going to bed a lot earlier and staying in bed still till about 7 AM or so.


The con to this schedule is that I don't get to eat dinner with him, and I have to drive a half hour to and from work. Tonight I stopped to get some groceries (and picked up art supplies, including finger paints and playdough!), so I didn't get home till 9. The other con is I don't get to bed nearly as early as I used to. So, my days are longer, but I don't feel as unproductive as I used to.


So, yeah, just wanted to share.


im so glad that your getting to be with him more and that life seems to be settling for you.
you deserve the happy<3
Hey Luce! So sorry I haven't been responding to you. Life's been the crazy, but we're finally starting to get settled in!